The UN Security Council ‘united’ for the first time yesterday on the Syria crisis and passed resolution 2139. After nearly three years of the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria,
UNSC representatives ‘negotiated’ a deal allowing for the access of humanitarian aid. Yet, the resolution makes no mention of sanctions being imposed for non-compliance.

How have we come so far in accepting the realities of war and politics that now-food is being used as a weapon of war and our ‘negotiations’ or absence thereof are facilitating the destruction of entire peoples?

Progress? Or not worth the paper it is written on?

Filippo Grandi – UN Commissioner General for UNRWA held the piece of paper containing the resolution whilst he visited Yarmouk camp and reassured it’s people ‘they had not been forgotten.’

The little boy crying tears of hunger, may have valued what Grandi held more- had it have been a loaf of bread.

Food as a weapon of War. Yarmouk. The oppressed within the oppressed.