One out of six complete.

Never really anticipate the sacrifices that you inevitably have to end up making. Those sacrifices become normalised because each day is about survival.

On the rare occasions where you find a millisecond to stop.
Step back.

Then you can see.
The things that have had to give.

Family. Friends. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual.

That’s a whole lot of give. Balanced against…?

Dreams? Hopes? Aspirations?

Balance needs to be struck.

Between actualising yourself.
And losing yourself.

The line is a fine one.

The irony lies in the potential of totally losing everything you are whilst on the journey to fulfilling everything you are.

Short term pain for long term gain perhaps.

I am blessed to wake up every morning without a feeling of dread. But to think the ride is going to be an easy one is a misapprehension.

Nobody said love came without sacrifice.

But will the love be worthy?