A few weeks ago I was privileged enough to be invited back to the place I spent three wonderful years. The University of Warwick where I obtained my degree. But more than that, the place that has given me the best memories and the best friends.

I was the alumni speaker at the Social Sciences and Law graduation ceremonies.

Here is a what I said, without trying to be too nervous!

What an absolute honour it is to be able to stand before you all today and share your monumental success.

Four years ago, I sat where you sit.

Having completed three years with the wonderful law school.

A degree in hand, not entirely sure what was to come, but bursting with excitement, pride and gratitude.

I see those same feelings reflected back when I look at you all today.

A sea of smiles,
A sea of hopes
A sea of dreams.

And that is what Warwick gives you.

Combined with the magic you need to

Realise your ambitions,

Transform yourself

And make real movements and change in this world.

And that’s what it has given me.

If it weren’t for Warwick; it’s brilliant reputation, teaching & support, I would not have come close to fulfilling my aspiration to become a barrister.

It’s at this point, I have to make a special mention about the Multicultural Scholarship Programme.

Doug Miller who received an honorary degree today initiated this programme at Warwick with his lovely wife Audrey.

I am a graduate of the MSP scheme and I am a graduate of Warwick.

I say that with pride.

Make no mistake about it, Warwick is one of the best institutions in the world.

And let’s face it, we are too cool for Oxbridge.

No doubt you will feel sad that it is all over. I still do.

But feel blessed and privileged that it happened.

For you now embark on a new chapter in your lives, with the strongest foundation you could wish for.

One built on talent, potential and endless opportunities.

Not to mention the sparkly new letters that will come at the end of your name.

When you look back, I invite you to think of Warwick in the way that I do.

That place, of self-realisation and growth

That place, of lifelong friendships

That place, where dreams are made.

They say the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

So believe.
And fly.

Thank you for allowing me to speak, and celebrate with you.

Congratulations class of 2014.