Every day feels like a lifetime. It’s impossible to retain details. Details of the madness, the stories, the frustrations, the triumphs and everything in between. I started this blog in the hope I could reflect upon and monitor (!) the madness that is pupillage. But I have not posted anywhere near as much as I had hoped. When every day is a whirlwind it’s hard to keep track. Of your own thoughts. Of your own anything.

Mid week and thus far I have submitted my first tenancy assessment, got a transfer of legal aid on a seemingly impossible case, got an acquittal for a guy pretty much in contempt of court and sat the longest I ever have with a guy in con on the day of trial- who ended up pleading. Just a snapshot.

Final countdown to the big Q. Milestone of sorts although tempered by the mandatory third six that follows.

I wore heels in court today and I rarely-basically never do. I think it made my advocacy better? Any reason to invest in more shoes…

In a sleepy slumber but thought I should touch base. With myself.

Weeks off being a qualified barrister.
I hope I learn to know what I’m doing soon….!

If I could categorise this process in one line it would be –

Flying by the seat of my pants.