Was my first day of Pupillage. I was due to meet my supervisor in Southwark Crown Court. He was in a multi handed money laundering trial. Remember waking super early out of nerves. Making my way to London Bridge. Taking pictures as I went, still being a brummy tourist having had only been in London a short while before.

I remember sitting downstairs in the reception waiting for him. The minutes passed by… A good half an hour and I still hadn’t met him. I asked myself – had he forgotten about me?! I plucked up the courage to call him, to learn he was waiting for me in the canteen…

Where I would go on to have so many grim Southwark CC lunches!

Remember not being able to work the crazy hole punch. Remember answering wrongly to the Q about time limit for service of a defence statement…!

One year on. Attendance note-ing on the train, figuring out what I’ve got tomorrow, briefs to sort, juggling lots of deadlines, texting the new pupils to make sure they’re ok…

How did that happen?!

Thankful and grateful.

And the journey continues.