Posts that I have found sitting in my drafts…! Always interesting reflecting back. Wrote this at the end of first six.

I remember clearly all the pre pupillage prep. The need (!) for an entire new wardrobe, the excitement leading up to call, flying the nest, anticip as to who my supervisor would be and whether they would be mean. I remember receiving an email from mine introducing himself. I remember clearly where I was- the Westfield Stratford bridge. I remember analysing the email to figure out what he would be like. I concluded he sounded nice. But I was still shitting it.

The only thing I remember about pupillage induction was how my lovely black and gold smart flats literally killed my feet and I was left hobbling into chambers. It’s also where I got my first ever blue book.

So day 1 of pupillage dawned. I remember waking up to a beautiful morning with wisps of sun and cloud in the sky. I wore a black shirt which is now two sizes too big and off I went. I went to meet my supervisor at Southwark Crown Court which soon became my favourite court I think-because I spent so much time there- not because of the canteen food.

We were meant to meet at about 9am and I remember I got there super early. First time for everything.

I waited for about thirty minutes in the downstairs foyer and I had heard nothing from him. I think I sent a text I can’t quite remember. I recall wondering whether he had forgotten he had a pupil! I eventually plucked up the courage to call him, and he was in the canteen- the one you should never eat at. Up I went to first floor.

I had an idea of what he looked over. Went over and introduced myself and sat opposite him on one of those awkward joined up seat table things. He was sat working at his laptop with lots of paperwork. Something which was always characteristic of him – using ‘dead’ time efficiently and getting something done! I remember little about the conversation but I remember he outlined some basics of how he liked to work. Particularly poignant, was him saying he wasn’t the type of supervisor who was going to take me down the pubs for drinks. It was from then that I knew we would get on.

We were at the early stages of a multi handed money laundering trial. I had been sent the opening note before hand and was like wtf is boiler fraud?! I was convinced I would not particularly enjoy if. Lo and behold 2-3 weeks later when the trial had finished, we got our acquittal – I actually had really enjoyed it.

Everything else about day 1 is a blur apart from the following. We went back to chambers and I was asked to put some papers into a file. It took me about two hours and I remember thinking at the time- this guy thinks I’m a complete numpty. This was further compounded by the fact it took me about five minutes to figure out how to use the monster of a hole punch. Thank god I did. We are now friends – despite the fact I broke it at some point down the line.

I also remember my now beloved supervisor firing questions at me. This tradition followed relentlessly for at least the first four weeks. I often wondered how I even passed bar school and why didn’t I remember anything! The question on the first day was disclosure related. Time limit for serving a defence case statement. Basic stuff. But not on day 1 pupillage when you’re dying of sacredness & all of the BPTC has been emptied from your brain! My reply was 14 days. I was told it was incorrect. However upon reflection – it was kinda right. For the mags at least! 😛

I left feeling exhausted, excited and shitting it. Characteristic generally of the entire past 6 months.

Wish I had started this blog then because it’s so hard to recall. Things always look different from this end.