Sending lots of love, warmth and light to all my friends during the holiday period.

Whether today holds religious significance for you, or whether it’s an opportunity for loved ones to get together and have a breather from work- enjoy.

Personally, I love this time of year because people are generally happier, the streets look pretty with lights and we tend to be a better version of ourselves with hopes and resolutions of how to go on and improve into the new year.

Also quite grateful for a day off!

We live in sad, difficult and challenging times where religion has been hijacked and manipulated to justify atrocities. When I talk about religion, I’m talking about Islam. It is sad that such distortions, that have no foundation in Islam have created divisions in our communities. Us against them. We have become the suspect community. The other. Those to be feared.

As a Muslim, Christmas is and should be a reminder of how religion is and ought to be a unifying force. We are not that different and are bound by the same root.

The simple message of one God, justice and compassion

Jesus is a highly revered prophet in Islam. A mutual respect and understanding of our faiths, without the pollution of politics and power would make it so much easier to see- that we are all one.

In celebrating Christmas, in whichever way it may be, necessitates a thought for the apartheid and continued illegal occupation of Palestine.

Freedom, justice and peace x


‘Bethlehem today is surrounded on three sides by Israel’s eight-metre-high concrete wall, cutting it off from Jerusalem just six miles to the north; the city is also encircled by 22 illegal Israeli settlements…’