A District Judge said I had spoken very eloquently today at Westminster MC, before refusing my application for a Pre Sentence Report and sentencing my client to 20 weeks. If you know anything about Westminster, you’ll know that’s a victory of sorts.

One week in to January 2015 and I haven’t had the chance to write my standard new year post. Usually consisting of the good, the bad, the ugly and the next steps. Bit like an Advice on Evidence actually.

Currently on a train home to Birmingham after Court. Sun streaming through the window. Spring is around the corner. And with Spring comes decision time. Over 15 months down of this 18 month process.

Feeling run down, head coldy and snuffly. The final stretch they say. Trying very hard not to break the record of zero sick days in Pupillage…

Drafting assessments due this week = 😰😱

But the dream of a life which no longer involves Saturday court is enough to keep the spirit alive.

As my co-pupil and friend said in chambers yesterday; ‘we’re nearly there Zi, can’t give up now!’

Without my co-pupils, supportive colleagues, friends and family – this process would be near enough impossible. But we’re getting there.

Testament to the fact; there is light at the end of the tunnel, through adversity there is is strength and with every hardship comes ease.