From the Jungle no.3: Camp Conditions

When you look at these images can you believe that they were taken in France last Saturday?

It’s not what you would expect of a “developed,” western world super power. On some levels, we may associate such images with what you would expect to find in the “third world” or a “developing/underdeveloped” country.

The association perhaps being due to a combination of selective media reporting and/or ignorance.

The quotation marks are because I take issue with this sort of labelling, but that’s a post for another day…

The fact of the matter is, living (if you can call it that) like this, is not acceptable.

For anyone. Anywhere.

If we do want to draw these divides; civilised v uncivilised, developed v underdeveloped, progressive v regressive; how can we define ourselves as better, as modern liberal democracies committed to human rights, international law and freedom, when we say human dignity is only for the preserve of a few?

Isn’t the point that we are all in fact human?