Finding the Way Back

I took this picture on Jan 1st on a train from Manchester to Birmingham. I started writing in this journal, gifted to me by a friend about the things I wanted to change and the things I wanted to achieve.

A combination of serious to perhaps more superficial steps to becoming a better version of myself. I guess you could call them resolutions, but more like goals and action points sometimes peppered with dreams. Not quite plans for global domination.

It’s now 1st May, and currently on a train to Birmingham. Forever travelling. Reflecting on the first quarter of 2016 which seems to have melted away. Time. So precious. Yet the thing most taken for granted.

Each and every day is a journey. Or one step in a journey. Direction of travel is important. It’s so easy to follow a path just because it seems the easier choice, or the thing you’re ‘supposed to be doing.’

But is it the right choice?

I guess it can feel that you’re so far down the path, there’s no coming back.

But there’s always a way back.

It takes courage. It takes deep reflection. Self critique.

It requires you to ask yourself, who are you? Who have you become? Who do you want to be?

It takes brutal honesty to accept that you don’t actually like the person you’ve become- or features of it at least.

But perhaps the measure of one’s character, is not the fact they took a path which caused them to start losing some of who they are.

But the fact they were able to look at themselves one day, remember what they’re truly about and commit to re-finding it.

To truly achieve the freedom to be free –

Turn around

Walk back.