The Prophet’s First Madinan Advice

Notes from Yasir Qadhi’s lecture

When the Prophet Muhammad SAW migrated to Madinah, the majority of the population were non-Muslim. His message was one for ‘an-nas’, all of mankind, not just for Muslims. His message consisted of four fundamental tenets.

1. Spread the salaam

Perfect your ikhlaq (interactions) with people.

Spread greetings of peace to everyone, people you know and people you don’t.

And what does it mean? May no harm or evil touch you. I want what is best for you. May Allah who is as-salaam protect you.

Say it. And mean it.

If all of society, perfected salaam, perfected their interactions with everyone, where would evil come from?

2. Feed the hungry

The first commandments of Islam, were not about praying five times a day, giving zakat, fasting or Hajj. All of which came many years after the first revelation from the Qur’an. So for early Muslims, what was Islam about?

One God.

Giving what you want for yourself, to others.

Sharing food with beggars, orphans and prisoners of war. It was not about personal rituals. But about social activism. Giving back to the community. Standing with the oppressed. Feeding the hungry. Looking after the orphan. Helping anybody in need. Muslim or not.

Hunger is not an Islamic problem, it is a human problem.

The sunnah is premised on compassion for all.

Standing up for peace and justice.

Before the Prophet SAW even received ‘Iqra,’ what was he doing? For years, before he was Rasul, he was compassionate and trustworthy. He was generous to all.

After receiving the first revelation, Khadija RA said ‘No by Allah, Allah will never humiliate you. You are good to your family, you feed the hungry, you take care of the orphan, you are generous, anytime some good needs to be done in society, you are at the front doing it.’

3. Be good to your family

The best person amongst us is those who are best to our family.

4. Pray/personal rituals

This was last, still important but the emphasis was about Islam not just being about personal rituals. It is not enough to fulfill your mandatory prayers and the like. Islam is a holistic way of life.

It is more.

It is about having a pure heart, being good with people, being socially active and fulfilling ties of kinship.

Personal worship is not what defines a Muslim. It is about who you are as a person first.

The Prophet SAW said if we fulfilled these four tenets, we would enter paradise in peace.


So let us be absolutely clear.

It is this message of peace, community, family and prayer which underlines Islam.

I cannot comprehend how this message of compassion for all, has somehow been hijacked, distorted and transformed into an evil, which could not be further from the truth.

Presented to the world as an absolute representation of Islam.

If anyone ever needed an example of just how far away ‘terrorism’ is from Islam, it is today’s explosions in Madinah, whilst people are opening their fast, in the Prophet’s city. The city of peace.

I will never apologise for my faith. I will never apologise for anyone who misguidedly claims to commit atrocities in the name of my faith.

I wear my name with pride.

I will always strive to be the best representation of that name. Through compassion for all and a common humanity, irrespective of difference.

The illogical madness in the world in the name of our religion will continue. But we must respond in line with the sunnah.

With salaam.

The Hadith of Peace