I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel any fear after the Chelsea bomb(s) and subsequent unravelling of events over the weekend. Waking up to a tonne of messages from family and friends in the UK, telling me about the Chelsea bomb and asking if I was safe. I was like, what Chelsea bomb? Only before I had fallen asleep on Saturday was I googling places to eat in Chelsea market and nearby because I had booked a play in the area. I still went to the play on Sunday. There was heavy police presence, roads closed and lots of journalists. This morning I wake up to news of a wanted suspect and a bag of undetonated devices in New Jersey.

It’s so easy to see why people in the West live in fear- and understandably so. When I say people, yes I mean Muslims too. It’s also so easy to see how the fear in the hearts and minds of people is fuelled and manipulated by media/prejudice and then transformed into an irrational hatred.

I will never understand the targeting of innocent people.

Terrorists who target civilians.

People who target and subsequently blame other people just because they belong to a particular faith.

In rationalising any fear I feel, my mind is overwhelmed thinking about those who must live in fear every minute of every single day of their existence. I’m still on a subway, going to grab my morning coffee and then going to work. For some there is no subway, there is no work, there is no life but there is only fear. Fear of death? Maybe, given their circumstances they don’t fear death, they welcome it.

That is the state of affairs we should all be mourning.