I was reminded today at Jummah and following yet another beautiful khutba delivered by Khalid Latif, how blessed I am to be Muslim. Whilst the world increasingly becomes a more sinister place to live in, where your skin colour, ethnicity and religion dictates whether you live or die – I am reminded that my faith is one for all.

I am reminded that when the Prophet SAW’s sunnah, which proscribes equality & justice for all is properly followed – Islam necessitates social justice.

In a room filled with Muslims from all walks of life today after Friday prayer, a black brother took the shahada. The declaration of faith – to one God & His last messenger. I was truly moved. I remembered the Prophet’s choice of who should make the first call to prayer. Bilal ibn Rabah. An emancipated black slave.

Whilst black people are shot dead on the streets of America, I am reminded of the beautiful message well over a thousand years ago which allowed all people to live in their full humanity.

He is sent here for nothing else but a mercy.

How will you bring the Prophet into your life? Where are the lessons of compassion and mercy?