Grateful for so many wonderful high points in 2016. Just a few: 

  1. A reflective trip back to one of my favourite cities in the world, Marrakech. A reminder that with sunshine, waterfalls, colourful rugs, Moroccan plates & friends, life is fabulous.
  2. Fulfilling one of my life long dreams to visit the holy land, Palestine. A magical and spiritual journey which has been truly lifechanging. A lesson in how oppressed people demonstrate sheer strength despite adversity. 
  3. Croatia annual sister holiday but this time with a twist- a babymoon for my lovely sis in anticipation of our bundle of joy. Reaffirmed that even in thunder storms, and with no touristy things left to visit we will still always have the best time as long as we are together. 
  4. NYC! An absolute blessing to have received funding to spend time at the CCR and explore the city that never sleeps. Biggest lesson learnt – how to be alone, and happy. 
  5. Niagara Falls ticked off the bucket list. Such immense natural beauty and so much of the world that I hope to be able to see. 
  6. Meeting some of the most inspirational people including Linda Sarsour and Vince Warren. Their words and example have helped reinvigorate my journey in social justice work and how my role as a Muslim shapes this. Two key lessons: justice is possible and power must be challenged.
  7.  My beautiful brand new niece Aaminah to finish off a year that I am truly thankful for. 

Looking forward…

In 2017 there is much that I hope to work on and do in terms of; spiritually, family & friends, professionally, health and wellbeing, social justice work and personally. However we catalogue our hopes, aspirations or goals- to reflect is to grow.

In a world where so many people are deprived of the opportunity to fulfil their hopes and dreams -for those of us that can – we should try. 

Every day is a new day, and a fading opportunity. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Take advantage of five before five: your youth before your old age; your health before your sickness; your wealth before your poverty; your free time before your workload, and your life before your death.” (Ahmad)