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Response to the MOJ consultation on the Quality of Advocacy


Soz Povey

Possession of bladed article case this morning in Norwich.

Was about to ask for an adjournment for a pre-sentence report but then got a random thought to make off the cuff submissions that the sentencing guidelines in Povey, which suggest a starting point of 12 weeks custody should not apply.

Bench retired for a good while.

Outcome: a fine and a happy client + family.

Early start well worth it. 😊

The Court of Appeal has allowed the criminal bar to continue its challenge to the controversial Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (QASA) and suggested it calls on the entire bar to help fund the action.

Court of Appeal clears advocacy quality challenge | News | Law Society Gazette

“To be called to the bar, a barrister needs to have completed 120 days of specific advocacy training,” the report said. “A qualified solicitor can practise in the crown court (subject to accreditation) with as few as 22 hours such training.”

Who would you rather have representing you?

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