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The Court of Appeal has allowed the criminal bar to continue its challenge to the controversial Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (QASA) and suggested it calls on the entire bar to help fund the action.

Court of Appeal clears advocacy quality challenge | News | Law Society Gazette


4th week of on feet-ness

Entering week 4 of the craziest, steepest and exciting-ist learning cuuuurve of my life.

In the past few weeks I have been; clueless, excited, relieved, sleep deprived, baby barrister, counsellor, preacher, blagger, hungry, emotional and the list continues.

Particular highlights include client calling solicitor and telling them I am the ‘beautifulist most caring person in the world’ following her conditional discharge, prepping all night for my first trial which was then dropped following some prosecution prodding and an emotional mum relieved for her 17 year old boy following charge being dropped hugging me and thanking Allah.

Non-highlights; two of the most uncooperative coDs ever who seemed to think despite being their lawyer I was operating for the other side…! Having to tell a sobbing man who has been on remand for nearly 6 months, now extended for longer that he isn’t coming out.

Emotionally challenging. Rewarding. Draining. Exhilarating.

Have to put up with the dark circles and sadly nowhere near as cute as a panda, but alas I wake up every morning and hope I can make a change to someone- however slight.

And to me.

I got me a
Provisional practising certificate
A new pupil supervisor
A wiggy & gown.

All that’s left this evening; a cup of tea, pudding, catch up on Silk, eat Blackstones in the hope I retain something and then…pray for a miracle!

My recent interview with LawCareers on my journey to the bar and life as a pupil.
For any aspiring barristers, I hope it helps!

Exhilarating job, not just a job but a way of life. If you want variety, stimulation, a challenge, like people and hope to make a change in whatever small way that may be, this is where you need to be.

Some tips and hints re pupillage applications/interviews to come soon. I figure I should start writing posts of substance!

Spotlight On: Life as a pupil barrister – Videos

Just received my provisional practising certificate. Shit just got real.

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Bedford Row.
Where the magic happens.
Where dreams are made.
Where to get a not guilty.

25. All about it.

Life of a Pupil

When you feel blessed to be going to sleep at 2am.

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